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Data controller

For the purpose of the stated in the enforceable law regarding personal data protection, we inform users that the controller of personal data provided to this website is COINFFEINE, SL, whose information can be found in the Legal Notice.

On the other hand, we notify users that the download, activation and use of whatever services linked to the COINFFEINE application, which can be accessed through this website, also implies an additional processing of data as specified in the End User License Agreement.

Purpose of the processing

Data will be processed with the purpose of analyzing the visits, traffic and navigation on this website, provide answers to the questions, notifications, complaints and any other requests received.

In addition to that, we inform users that, in case they explicitly authorize and decide to subscribe to our newsletter, they will receive commercial communications regarding our products, services and updates related to COINFFEINE, all according to the consent provided, which can be revoked at any point of time.

We also inform that COINFFEINE uses social connectors in this website. Particularly, COINFFEINE works actively with Twitter and Telegram, so that the content included in this website may be shared in them, as channel for social interaction and attention gathering. Users that decide to use those connectors are thereby authorizing that those social networks provide COINFFEINE information such as profile images or usernames. In order to know which data may be provided, please check the privacy policies and configuration of the aforementioned social networks.

Legal basis of the processing

Users that decides to contact us, by sending information and their personal data, are authorizing COINFFEINE, with their explicit consent, to the processing of their data for the indicated purposes.

Regarding the processing of this data with a commercial purpose, explicit consent is also the legal basis that legitimizes the processing, without which, under no circumstances will we proceed to process their data for the mentioned purposes.

Users sending their data or any documents through the indicated ways, declare and guarantee that all the information provided, including the attachments, is true, correct and complete, that it is up to date and that it is referred to themselves. No personal data referred to third persons, minors or legally incompetent people will be allowed. Users who send any data or information through the mentioned channels will be liable for the damages that this could cause, and manifest that there are no legal or statutory impediment for the communication of the data and its later use in the terms that correspond, and that none of the information provided violates any pacts or agreements of confidentiality or secret, nor does it harm the rights or interests of third persons. In case of errors or amendments to it, we ask you to please send the correct information again.

With respect to the processing of this website’s navigation data, we inform users that COINFFEINE employs cookies and other tracking systems that imply the automatized treatment of their data. Please check our Cookie Policy for more information.

Data communication and international transfers

COINFFEINE is committed to processing users’ personal data in a confidential way. We shall apply adequate and sufficient technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee their privacy and confidentiality, as well as the lawful exercise of every rights granted to them by the applicable laws, and they will not be communicated to third persons except in those cases foreseen or enforced by the law.

We inform users that the international transfer of personal data is not foreseen, except for the sending of their email addresses to countries outside of the European Economic Area (United States of America) to a provider of email marketing services, for the purpose of managing the sending of communications by email and the pertinent concerned databases. However, it is guaranteed that, prior to this, all legally established measures and guarantees have been adopted, as this provider is adhered to the Privacy Shield and a processing data agreement has been subscribed with it.

Data storage

Data will be stored during the time necessary for the handling of the procedure indicated in every case, and beyond until the prescription of the potential legal liability that could derive from the aforementioned. Until then, data will remain adequately blocked and will not be used for any other purpose. Notwithstanding the above, user data related to analysis, visits and navigation traffic, will be stored in conformity with what is stated in the Cookie Policy.

Additionally, in those case where we have been given explicit consent to the processing of data with commercial purposes, we will store data indefinitely. Users, however, will have the right to revoke the given consent and unsubscribe from our communications at any point of time.

Rights of the data subject:

You may exercise your rights to access, rectify, erase, restrict, object to and limit of processing and porting of your data, as well as to not be subject to decisions based only in the automatized processing of your data, with the conditions legally established, with COINFFEINE at the address calle Ancora, núm. 14, Bajo Prta.b, CP 28045, Madrid (España) or writing to Lastly, we also inform you that you can complain to the Spanish Data Protection Authority in case you consider that your data has been processed inappropriately.

We use cookies and other such tools in order to analyse traffic and browsing in our website, share content in social media networks, as well as for other purposes that can be consulted in our Cookies Policy. Any positive action related to the browsing of our website implies your consent and acceptance of them. If you wish to obtain more information, please consult our Cookies Policy. close