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At Coinffeine we have developed a trading protocol that enables p2p fiat/bitcoin exchanges with user self-custody on both sides of the transaction. It employs game theory and it leverages functionalities of the bitcoin protocol in order to provide trading security without the need of resorting to a centralized exchange. We also developed an application which embeds a BTC wallet and, at the same time, allows users to control their own account at a financial entity. With this application, users can place bitcoin buy or sell orders among each other. We have a working product integrated with a financial entity.

In any case, because the fiat side of the product is not under our full control, it is difficult to run a B2C offering out of it. Besides, recent regulatory changes around cryptocurrency require that we implement KYC and AML policies simply for providing a solution to enable p2p exchanges.

We stand for crypto being distributed, so we are offering our protocol to financial entities interested in deploying crypto services with no custodian responsibility, no financial risk and with lesser infrastructure requirements (compared to building centralized crypto exchange and custodian services), empowering their customers to be their own bank and their own exchange. Please reach out to us at if you are interested.

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Rafael. CEO.

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Cut out the middleman

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Your own bitcoin wallet. Your own fiat account. Peer-to-peer, automated, on-chain transactions.

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